10 tips to get your garden ready for summer entertaining

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10 tips to get your garden ready for summer entertaining

As the temperatures rise, so does the UK’s penchant for outdoor entertaining. The paddling pool comes out of storage, barbecues become an essential part of a weekend, weekday dinners are enjoyed al fresco and families and friends across the nation take advantage of every last drop of sunshine… because let’s face it – who knows how long it will last?

However, if you’re planning a family get together or BBQ bash in the garden, the last thing you want is to subject your guests to a yellowed, moss-filled lawn, wilting flowers and haphazard patio. Get your garden looking its best with Stock Gardens’ top tips:

  1. Feed your lawn on a regular basis with granular feed throughout the summer months. However, if you have left it a little late and need rapid results, you can use a soluble feed a few days before your party.
  2. If moss is an issue, use a moss killer before raking it out. Then you can re-seed or over-seed your lawn to fill any gaps and thicken the grass.
  3. Is your garden looking a little unkempt? Why not edge your lawn so that you have a nice clean line between the grass and any flower beds? It’s a quick fix that can make a big difference. You can also plant perennials in your beds to ensure that every year your garden enjoys bright splashes of colour; summer bedding plants can the be used to fill in any gaps.
  4. No lawn, just patio? Not a problem – you can add colour and shape with baskets and pots filled with summer bedding plants.
  5. The wetter months can leave your patio looking a little green around the gills. Give your patio a good scrub or use a pressure washer to blast away any dirt and moss a couple of days before your guests arrive.
  6. Your wooden garden furniture can also be adversely affected by the cold, wet weather. Algae can grow and although power washing your table and chairs is a short term solution, it may raise the wood’s grain and force any mould spores further into the wood. Therefore, use a specific wooden furniture cleaner with a wire brush and leave to dry before applying a protector and wood stain.
  7. Prepare ahead – plant climbers as they’re the ideal camouflage, covering unsightly walls and fence panels.
  8. Solar lights not only illuminate the surroundings but also add a little extra character to your party. There are plenty of different types to suit all tastes and budgets, from fairy lights to solar post lights; string lights to lanterns.
  9. Flickering tea lights in jam jars and brightly coloured paper lanterns are an affordable yet highly effective way of creating a party atmosphere on the day itself. You could put the jam jars in square bottomed paper bags and use them to mark out pathways, flowerbed edges and other potential pitfalls to help your guests navigate their way around after the sun goes down. Jam jars can also be hung on tree branches; simply tie a length of string around the jar’s neck and hang them wherever you want.
  10. Don’t forget the gazebo! This is the UK after all and no matter what the forecasts say, it’s always best to prepare for the worst. A pop-up gazebo is the perfect protection in case of a sudden downpour.

Not enough time to get the garden ready yourself?

This is where Stock Gardens can help. We are more than happy to do one-off garden maintenance and party makeovers, leaving you safe in the knowledge that whilst you may not be able to control the ‘Great’ British weather, your garden is guaranteed to look gorgeous.

Stock Gardens has also come to the rescue when lawnmowers and strimmers have broken down just before a family gathering, so if you have a garden emergency, just give us a call!

We can also clean your wooden patio furniture; we will collect it and return it once it’s been cleaned and prepared for repainting. In fact, we can even stain them for you! Prices start at £125 for a table with four chairs.






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