7 tips for the perfect lawn

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7 tips for the perfect lawn

We all want a beautiful lawn. Rich and green. A well-maintained lawn can make the entire garden look stunning.

Yet many of us have lawns that are more of an embarrassment than a delight. Yellowing grass, moss, weeds and unsightly bare patches can happen all too easily and ruin the look of your garden.

So it may surprise you to know that it doesn’t take a huge amount of time and effort to get it back into shape. Simply follow our top tips and you’ll soon have the perfect lawn you’ve always wanted.

Tip #1: Overseed annually

Up to 25% of your lawn’s grass can die each year. If there has been a particularly cold and wet winter, this percentage rises.

Rejuvenate your lawn by overseeding each year. Sow new grass seed into your existing lawn – it will increase its density, health and ability to ward off moss and weeds.

Blog Stock Garden image3 300x150 7 tips for the perfect lawnTip #2: Regular and correct mowing

Too many people leave their grass to grow over the colder months and then cut it down as closely as possible as soon as the sun comes out. Mowing too short is the quickest way to end up with weeds and moss. This is because it weakens the grass.

You must mow your lawn on a regular basis whenever the grass is growing. Usually this is once every week but in the spring, you may need to mow it up to twice a week for best results.

Try to keep your lawn at the same height – usually between 2.5cm and 4cm, depending on grass type. If your lawn is heavily used, we recommend raising the height to about 5cm. When it comes to shaded areas, 7.5cm is recommended.

Tip #3: Fertiliser

Just like any plant, your lawn needs to be fed regularly to remain in optimum condition. Regular feeding in the spring with a lawn fertiliser results in a greener, thicker, stronger and healthier lawn. This means it is able to battle against weeds, moss and weather damage.

Are you thinking of using a granular lawn feed?

Make sure you apply it evenly over the entire lawn. You might want to use a lawn spreader to make life a little easier.

Tip #4: Correct weed and moss treatment

The stronger and healthier your lawn, the better equipped it is to ward off weeds and moss.

However, if moss and weeds have become a problem, it is important that you deal with them as quickly as possible. You will be able to find a variety of good quality multi-treatments that controls moss, eradicates weeds, feeds your lawn and enhances its overall health. Most of these treatments can be used throughout spring and summer.

Is there a part of your lawn that is suffering particularly badly with an invasion of weed and moss?

You may want to treat the affected area with an additional application of liquid weedkiller.

Blog Stock Garden image2 300x150 7 tips for the perfect lawnTip #5: Sorting bare patches

Most lawns end up with bare patches after the winter. Leave them untreated and not only will you have an ugly lawn, but you’re also making it easier for weeds and moss to infiltrate.

Sort out those bare patches with new grass seed and a special patch treatment. You’ll have a thick, healthy and uniform lawn before you know it.

Tip #6: Call Stock Gardens!

We all want a perfect lawn but not all of us have the time, energy or knowhow to achieve our goals. The team at Stock Gardens can transform your lawn with the minimum of fuss and expense, creating a beautiful garden that you’ll be proud of.

Tip #7: Artificial grass

If you are interested in a very low maintenance lawn, perhaps consider artificial grass. Here at Stock Gardens we have a wide range of artificial grass which comes in different shades, densities, etc.

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