Fantastic festive plants

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Fantastic festive plants

Plants make great gifts all year round but over Christmas, certain varieties are particularly popular. After all, the leaves have fallen from the trees, the skies are grey and although our homes are filled with colour and twinkling lights over the festive period, the house can look very cold and bare after the decorations have been taken down.

It makes perfect sense to add a splash of vibrant colour with a carefully chosen plant.

And when it comes to festive plants, there really is something for everyone. Low maintenance plants, plants for keen cooks, flowering plants, fruiting plants… the choice is yours!

Here are a few of our favourite Christmas plants:


Poinsettias originate from Mexico but due to their warm, vibrant red and green foliage, have become the quintessential Christmas plant.

Also known as the ‘Christmas rose’, poinsettias have the reputation of being difficult to maintain but with a little care and attention, they should thrive well past Christmas.

• Position your plant in decent light but away from draughts and direct sunlight
• Don’t overwater or you may damage your poinsettia – only water once the surface of the compost begins to dry out
• Remember that poinsettias originate from Mexico so ensure they are not exposed to temperatures below 13ºC


Red may be the traditional colour of Christmas but there’s no reason why you can’t introduce something a bit different to your festive décor.

Sweet smelling hyacinths make excellent gifts over Christmas, and with pink, blue and white plants usually available throughout December, will add an unusual splash of colour to your home.

Christmas Bay trees

These little mini stem bay trees are fun and funky and perfect for Christmas. Christmas bay trees can come in a lollipop shape or a more traditional ‘Christmas tree’ pyramid shape. You can even personalise them with decorations if you want!

Plus, because bay trees are native to the UK, they can be planted in the garden or left in its pot and placed on the patio or decking once Christmas is over.

Christmas cactus

Botanically known as ‘Schlumbergera’ or ‘Zygocactus’, the Christmas cactus is a surprisingly touch, easy-to-care-for flowering cactus that simply needs a nice warm spot indoors.

Originating in Brazil, the Christmas cactus flowers in red, white, pink, yellow, purple or orange.

Christmas plants for cooks

Christmas is synonymous with food, so why shouldn’t your festive plants get in on the act? You could opt for a fruiting chilli plant (those red chillis are very Christmassy!), a kaffir lime tree, a curry leaf plant, traditional herb selection… the choices are endless!

Other popular Christmas plants include:

  • Cyclamen
  • Christmas orchid
  • Christmas rose
  • Amaryllis


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