Our top 7 winter bedding plants

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Autumn is the ideal time to plant winter bedding plants. After the bright colours of summer, your garden is more than likely looking a little faded and unloved. There may not be as much choice as their summer counterparts but winter bedding plants can add some welcome colour over the colder months.  So what are our top 7 winter bedding plants?

Winter bedding plants are perennials or biennials that are planted between September and November. They tend to flower during milder spells over the winter and then really come into their own in the spring.

Here are our  seven favourite winter bedding plants:


Available in a wide range of colours, Pansies are incredibly versatile and bloom for much longer than any other winter bedding plant. In fact, Pansies have been bred to flower in very limited light. They flower from autumn right through to spring and can be planted in beds, borders, hanging baskets, window boxes and containers.

The range of winter flowering pansies has grown massively in the last decade. We suggest the Matrix, Delta or Spring Magic range, as these can flower from October right through until the following March or April.

Where to plant pansies

You will need to plant them in a sunny part of the garden – they will also be fine in partial shade – and regularly dead head them to ensure that they flower throughout the winter.


Enjoy rosettes of flowers in a huge range of sizes and colours with this hardy perennial. In the past Primrose plants would only flower in the spring, but modern breeding means a much longer flowering period.

Dog’s Tooth Violet

Also known as Erythronium, the Dog’s Tooth Violet is a slightly more unusual winter bedding plant. Usually found on mountains, they will bring a little bit of the alpine into your garden. These bulbous perennials are available in soft pink or yellow.

Where to plant Dog’s Tooth Violet

They require well drained soil to thrive.


Winter wouldn’t be complete without Cyclamen! Even during the coldest and greyest of winter days, Cyclamen coum will add a subtle splash of pink to your garden when little else is flowering.

Where the plant Cyclamen

They do well when planted under trees or in shady borders.


A classic cottage garden winter bedding plant, Polyanthus are characterised by their bright colours and elegant, long stems. They are hardy enough to survive the harshest of winter and will spring forth as soon as spring arrives.

Where to plant Polyanthus 

Polyanthus prefer moist, well-drained soil and need to be planted out by early October.

Blog image Stock Gardens Landscapers1 Our top 7 winter bedding plantsAnemone Blanda

This winter flower is a herbaceous perennial that produces flowers not unlike daisies in early to late spring. We’ve seen them in white and a rich purple. They make a wonderful infill plant.

Winter Flowering Heathers

Add texture and foliage to your garden with a selection of winter flowering heathers. They might be small but they more than make up for it by flowering throughout winter and spring with the minimum of care required.

Some of Stock Gardens’ favourites are ‘Springwood Pink’, “December Red’ and ‘Darleydale’, but there are plenty for you to choose from.

Unsure of how what to choose?

Choosing the most suitable winter bedding plants for your garden, soil, expertise and budget isn’t always easy. If you are struggling to decide which plants best suit your needs, get in touch with us here at Stock Gardens

The team at Stock Gardens can devise a stunning yet practical planting plan that takes into account colour, planting conditions and much more.

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