Outdoor Christmas decoration ideas

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Some great ideas for outdoor Christmas decorations

We’re getting closer to the festive season. There’s talk of getting the tree, lights and decorations down from the loft. Perhaps you are opting for a real tree this year. Garlands for above the fireplace and scented candles in a variety of festive spices have been bought. You already know exactly where the family’s stockings will be hung. So here’s some great outdoor Christmas decoration ideas.

So that’s indoors taken care of! But what about outside? 

Most of us go all out when it comes to our living spaces over Christmas. Twinkling lights, tinsel and baubles adorn every reachable space. But the majority of us completely ignore our outside spaces, other than perhaps a wreath on the front door.

What a shame! After all, so much of what makes Christmas so special is taken from nature. Christmas trees, holly, ivy, garlands, wreaths – they all originated outside (unless they are artificial, of course!)

This Christmas, why not take pity on your garden or porch and include it in the festivities?

Christmas lights

Blog inside image Get Customers Fast Outdoor Christmas decoration ideasA simple string of Christmas lights can illuminate the darkest porch. Alternatively, you could put them around a conifer in the garden, creating an instant, simple outdoor Christmas tree.

To say there is a vast array of outdoor Christmas lights is an understatement. Outdoor fairy lights, LED Christmas lights, mains voltage, low voltage – take your pick.

Some of our favourites include string lights, micro lights, icicle lights and net and curtain lights. Mini or net lights tend to go on houses or landscaping, whereas icicle lights drape from the roof. Starry string lights look fantastic draped around bare tree branches.

Christmas lights come in a variety of sizes, lengths and colours. So whether you want to go classy and understated with warm white or blue bulbs, or prefer the childlike fun of multicoloured lights, there will be a set of Christmas lights to suit your needs.


Constructed of a circle of evergreens to represent everlasting life, wreaths have long been associated with Christmas. At one point they were regarded as very old fashioned but there are now some beautiful designs on the market, ranging from ‘shabby chic’ inspired to ultra-modern.

Of course, it’s not difficult to make your own wreath using two wire coat hangers covered with floral tape to form the circle. All you have to do then is use lightweight floral wire to secure your chosen branches to the base. We suggest ivy, eucalyptus sprays, ferns or pine boughs.

You can then add decorations such as baubles, pine cones, fresh or artificial flowers. And the best part of making your own wreath is that you can tailor it to your exact décor.

Hanging ornaments

Hang oversized, heavy duty baubles, lanterns, candle holders from branches or porch overhangs to add a splash of light, colour and shape.

Lanterns can also be used to create a soft, candlelit walkway. You can even customise them by adding mini holly branches or acorns around the base of the pillar candle.

Holiday plants

There are plenty of plants that are hardy enough to withstand the winter and add a festive feel to your outside space. Plants such as holly trees and poinsettias thrive if given proper care (although poinsettias will need to be harvested and brought indoors when it gets really cold). Plus cuttings can be used to create stunning decorations.

We hope you found this article on outdoor Christmas decoration ideas useful.

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