Stock Gardens celebrates six years in business

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Stock Gardens celebrates six years in business

It was in 2008 that Grant Banham first established Stock Gardens. For six months, he toiled tirelessly on his own, slowly building a reputation and customer base. Not many of us will have forgotten the recession that hit the UK in 2008, so Grant was faced with a tough financial climate and no way of getting the van loan he needed. Instead, he had to make do and remain patient as he worked to turn the idea he had for Stock Gardens into a reality.

After those first, difficult six months, his wife Debora gave up her job to help Grant, taking over all of the administrative work so he was able to focus 100% on the gardening and landscaping aspect of the job. A keen designer, Debora began helping Grant devise and create garden planting ideas and schemes. They worked together to ensure that their work reflected the exacting wishes of their clients, whilst taking into account the challenges that each garden – and its particular environment – throws up.

As their workload steadily increased, they were able to hire a couple of Saturday staff but for a long time, the lion’s share of the work was down to the Banhams.

From acorns mighty oaks grow…

The couple’s hard work has certainly paid off. Six years later, they now have four vans and seven staff, including themselves. Their vans will soon have new livery to ensure that they look as professional as possible. Staff are in uniform and always well presented, whether they are working on a large-scale rural landscaping to fortnightly garden maintenance.

“Our customers are the ones who have helped us grow,” says Debora. “Without them, their support and recommendations, we wouldn’t have been able to get off the ground, particularly in the middle of the recession. It means that we are eternally grateful for their loyalty and as such, always try to go the extra mile. 

“Stock Gardens is a successful business because we know what we’re doing when it comes to gardens,” Debora continues. “Garden design, landscaping, general maintenance – these are all things that have become second nature to us. We are also trying to push the boundaries when it comes to innovative schemes and designs, so whether you want to go traditional or really push the boat out, we are on hand to help and offer professional, honest advice.

“But there are plenty of garden companies that can say the same thing. But we believe that other factors are just as important. Reliability, punctuality, courteousness, good communication – our team understands that these values are essential to Stock Gardens’ reputation. Six years later, we are just as passionate about delivering the highest quality service, and in another six years’ time, I know we’ll feel the same.”

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