Top 5 low maintenance bedding plants

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Who wouldn’t want a pretty garden? A beautiful lawn, some well tended trees and hedges, flowers and plants that provide a wealth of stunning colour and textures… but the reality can often mean a lot of hard work and maintenance. For example, roses are the archetypal ‘English country garden’ flower, but they also require annual pruning, deadheading and feeding. You could always go for conifers, shrubs and grasses if you want to keep work to a minimum but this may not lead to the colourful garden you’re looking to achieve.

But what if you opt for low maintenance bedding plants that can provide fast, effective seasonal colour? The kind that look lovely for as long as possible but don’t need constant attention?

There are many attractive bedding plants that won’t demand all of your spare time but it is important to remember that in order for them to be low maintenance, you have to give them the best possible start in life. With that, we mean you must prepare the soil properly before planting and then ensure they are watered as needed until they are well established.


1. Fuchsia Mrs Popple

This award-winning fuchsia looks its best between July and September and likes partial shade and well drained soil. It is recommended that you use liquid fertiliser every month but other than pinching out regularly while still young to encourage growth, this little fuchsia is happy to do her own thing!

2. Winter flowering pansies

Winter flowering pansies may be cheap but they’re also very cheerful and are guaranteed to brighten up even the greyest of days. Favouring partial shade, cool weather and moist soil, they grow well from seed; simply plant undercover in July and then transplant to a bed by October. Deadheading is the best way to ensure continual growth.

3. Primrose Vulgaris

A pretty plant that announces the arrival of Spring and works particularly well when planted with daffodils. Best between March and May, they thrive in acidic oil and partial shade. Sow seeds in November and cover with a fine layer of peat moss and sand. Oh, and for those aspiring cake decorators these plants are edible!

4. Hardy Geranium (Cranesbill)

Versatile and vigorous, the Hardy Geranium is weather resistant, long lasting and can tolerate almost any situation – even full shade! Offering reliable ground cover year after year, its flowering period runs from June to September and can be planted in any well drained soil. They can be planted from seed but opt for bareroots to make life even easier.

5. Marigolds

Marigolds are easy plants for children to grow, so it stands to reason you won’t find them too difficult either! Their seeds are easy to handle and grow very quickly, meaning only a short wait until you enjoy a variety of colourful flowers. Marigolds are hardy annuals that can withstand all weathers and come in tall and small varieties for borders, beds and containers.



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