What are the best plants for a winter hanging basket

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You might assume that hanging baskets are reserved only for the warmer months. Not true!

Hanging baskets can add eye-level colour and personality to your garden in the winter and early spring too. All you have to do is make sure that you choose the right plants for the season. So What are the best plants for a winter hanging basket?

Thinking of adding interest to your garden this winter? These will be hardy plants so don’t be concerned about frost.

Which plants should I use for my hanging baskets?

There are many annual and perennial plants that are suitable for hanging baskets. Here’s a round-up of Stock Gardens’ favourites:


Pansies are a stalwart of winter bedding displays. They are versatile, hardy and prone to blooming for much longer than other winter flowering bedding plants. And of course, they are guaranteed to add much-needed colour throughout the colder months!

Pansies are available in numerous colours and are ideal for hanging baskets, window boxes, beds and borders. 


Enjoy a plethora of dainty trailing flowers and a sweet, subtle fragrance with this perennial. Just as versatile as the slightly larger pansy, violas are an ideal option for winter hanging baskets.

Blog inside image Stock Gardens What are the best plants for a winter hanging basketCrocus

Predominantly seen in mauve, lilac, white and yellow, the crocus is a genus of flowering plants that comprise 90 species of perennials. The ‘autumn crocus’ flowers in late summer and autumn.

In particular, the C. laevigatus species has a long flowering period. Starting in the late autumn, it may continue throughout winter and into February.


Traditionally known as a ‘cottage garden’ bedding plant, the primrose has benefitted greatly from modern breeding. Certain hardy varieties can flower from mid-winter onwards. They also come in a whole host of colours and sizes.


Cyclamen is a hardy perennial that provides colour in late winter and early spring, when little else is flowering. Producing red, white and pink flowers, cyclamen leaves are shaped like ivy leaves, adding that festive touch to your hanging baskets.


Another ‘cottage garden’ classic, polyanthus can survive the harshest British winter. Characterised by their bright, vibrant coloured petals, if properly cared for, polyanthus will last many years.

Evergreen shrubs, conifers, herbs and trailing plants

Shrubs, conifers and herbs can add height and shape to your winter hanging basket. Rosemary, hebe, box and choisya are the ideal choice for adding texture and greenery. Small conifers such as yew or cupressus will make the perfect centrepiece. Trailing plants – including ivy and creeping thyme – will soften the edges of your hanging baskets.

Unsure of how to plant your winter hanging basket?

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