Why has my wooden patio furniture gone green?

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Why has my wooden patio furniture gone green?

Your garden furniture is exposed to elements all year round. Ideally, when it comes to wooden patio furniture, particularly chairs and tables that are not made of teak, the best thing is to move it inside during the winter, but for many of us, this option isn’t practical through lack of storage space.

Covering your wooden furniture with a patio set cover is a must if you want to enjoy outdoor entertaining year after year. However, even this won’t stop the effects of rapid temperature changes, moisture, snow, dust and dirt. Therefore, outdoor furniture needs to be cleaned on a more frequent basis than your indoor furniture. Try to set a regular schedule to keep on top of maintenance or you may find that your expensive table and chair set will need to be replaced after only a couple of summers.

Help! My garden furniture is going green!

Cold and damp winters can result in algae growing on your outdoor furniture. A power washer will help to get rid of it but be aware that pressure-washing may raise the grain of the wood or force any mould spores deeper into the wood.

You can also buy a number of garden furniture cleaners that can be applied with a wire brush. It may take a few applications but with some time, effort and elbow grease, your timber furniture can look as good as new.

Rinse your furniture well and leave it out to dry but don’t put your timber tables and chairs in direct sunlight to hurry up the process as this can be damaging to the wood.

There are also protectors you can buy, so we recommend cleaning the algae and any dirt and dust from your tables and chairs in the Autumn before you store your garden furniture. By using a protector, you are much less likely to see a reoccurrence of algae over the winter months.

Not enough time to clean your wooden patio furniture yourself?

Is your wooden patio furniture going greener by the day this winter? Is it covered in algae, looking very sorry for itself and in need of a new lease of life?

Not all of us have the time to clean and maintain our garden furniture but if your timber chairs, benches and tables need a freshen up in readiness for the spring sunshine, contact Stock Gardens today and we will take care of it all for you.

We will come to your home or premises and collect and return your wooden patio furniture free of charge. Your tables, chairs and sun loungers will be taken to our premises where we will clean them and prepare them for re-painting in an appropriate wood stain. We will even paint them in your chosen colour if you wish!*

  • Table with four chairs: £125.00
  • Table with six chairs: £155.00
  • Table with eight chairs: £195.00
  • Sun lounger: £50.00

Other items priced on request
*Coloured paint finish additional £30.00

And if you recommend a friend to Stock Gardens, who then uses any of our services by the end of February, you will receive a free gift.

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