Winter Tidy Up!

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February into March is a busy, busy time in most gardens. Much to cut back. Be it pruning for shape or complete renovation. The list of shrubs you should be looking at is quite huge!


March is the time to start pruning those Hydrangeas. Cut back old flowerheads to their first pair of strong buds. Cut any old stems right back to their bases. This allows all the energy to be directed to the healthiest stems. If possible add some slow release feed around the base and if you’re feeling really generous a top dress of ericaceous compost would be great!


Don’t forget it’s your last chance to prune those Roses – NOW! Apply a mulch around ground if possible and a feed to really give them a fighting chance of a great start to 2013. Fish blood and bone as a slow release feed works. You can then rose feed later in season.


It’s easy to forget because it’s still horrid some days – but don’t forget to water. Be it in the green house or even some of the containers, pots and planters in and around the garden. If they need a little drink  (ideally rain water) please give it to them. Obviously not if it’s frozen!!!

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