Case Study No.2 : A lower-maintenance border with a more contemporary feel

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"Having Stock Gardens come into maintain our new beautiful garden is great."

The brief:

A lower-maintenance border with a more contemporary feel.  The client wanted to reduce the border width and for the lawn to be extended beyond the planted area, again for lower maintenance. The soil condition was poor due to a combination of clay soil and roots from a backing hedge.


Approx. £1,000

The solution:

We provided a quotation and a sketch drawing to visually describe our proposed planting plan, demonstrating what the look and feel would be like once completed. The work took around two days and involved removing various roots from previous shrubbery, turning and improving the soil structure, and eventually planting up. Once planted, the remaining soil area was mulched over to both improve future soil fertility and minimise weed growth.  To finish, turf was laid to the surrounding area to match the existing lawn.

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